News > Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia 90Th National Day

September 25, 2020

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
90th National Day

Advert One was appointed and tasked to be the project manager, supervisor and coordinator of the King Abdullah Financial District Lighting Show, in celebration of the occasion of the Saudi National Day on the 23rd of September.

Advert One used its best endeavors for the successful implementation of the project. As the project manager, we coordinated with all of the parties concerned with the project, including, the District’s management, advisors, contractors and suppliers in order for the show to take its final shape and be implemented in time. We provided every single support required to the concerned parties who were very cooperative with us and attentive to our supervisory role.

The strict deadlines and the heavy burden that had to be shouldered by us in such a short notice and period of time for the implementation of the project was so challenging and demanding and contesting. Based on our commitment and responsibility, we worked closely with the involved parties. Strict deadlines were met and great results were yielded as the show was conducted in the specified time by virtue of the endeavors of all parties.

It was very much a pleasure and honor for Advert One to take part in implementing this challenging and tough assignment and assuming our management and supervisory role in this heart-cherished and yearly celebrated occasion.